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Oct 07, 2023

Top five most lovable dog breeds

by: Chris Robertson Posted: Jun 7, 2023 / 04:22 PM EDT Updated: Jun

by: Chris Robertson

Posted: Jun 7, 2023 / 04:22 PM EDT

Updated: Jun 7, 2023 / 04:22 PM EDT

GHENT, WV (WVNS)– When looking for a pet, it is natural to try and look for one that loves to be loved, and that's not hard to find with dogs.

Here are some of the top five most affectionate dog breeds around, according to Pet Radar.

#1 Pug:

Pugs are very lovable with their owners and can be very needy. They love to follow their owners around and loves snuggle up on your bed or lap. They especially love belly rubs, kisses, and lots of cuddles, making them a great snuggle buddy.

#2 Golden Retriever:

These furry babies are probably one of the most affectionate dogs around. They are great with children due to their gentle and loving personalities, making them great family dogs. Lots of cuttles and a nice belly rub will give you a happy pup.

#3 Brussels Griffon:

These pint-sized dogs gives lots love and affection in their tiny frames. They’re smart, sensitive, curious, and very loyal. They have a rambunctious spirit and always loves to be around their owners. Though their hyper nature might be a lot to handle, they will always shower you with love.

#4 Newfoundland:

These giant balls of love will always try and find an excuse to laze around with you. Though very large, the Newfoundland is a very calm and friendly dog. They might need a lot of exercise, but they will always love to snuggle up with you after a long day. Their thick coats make their perfect snuggle buddies, like a giant teddy bear.

#5 American Staffordshire Terrier:

Though they may look intimidating, these guys are cuddly balls of love. They’re naturally very affectionate and sociable and can be very loyal companions. These stocky pups are great cuddlers and are great with kids.

If you would like to check out a longer list of lovable pooches, go see Pets Radar's 19 most affectionate dog breeds that love to snuggle.

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