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Oct 06, 2023

Barbie's Dreamhouse Just Got A New Makeover For 2023

The waterslide is now three stories high, among other changes. Barbie’s

The waterslide is now three stories high, among other changes.

Barbie's Dreamhouse just got a little dreamier. Ahead of the highly anticipated Barbie movie and, presumably, just for fun, the iconic doll mansion has gotten a renovation. According to Mattel, the newest rendition of Barbie's abode is updated to reflect today's home trends while also being more accessible and with more places to play.

Specifically, the new home boasts a more open floor plan and a greater number of indoor/outdoor spaces for "360-degree" play. Kids can pretend with Barbie in ten different play areas: a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, bonus room, balcony, pool, and slide. The slide, which zooms down three stories (and actually works!) is the largest ever.

The top-floor living room area transforms into a sleepover party, with a starry background and beds for two friends. The kitchen and bathroom have integrated lights and sound (stove, oven toilet, etc.), while the set as a whole comes with over 75 play pieces, including a swing, string lights for the balcony, and a palm tree.

The house is also more pet-friendly, including a pet bed, a pet house, a pet door, and a pet slide and pool. The elevator also has a special pet entrance. A plastic puppy is included.

The house is now more accessible for all of Barbie's friends and includes an elevator that fits wheelchairs.

Honestly everything about this house looks super fun for kids. Sure, there's "adult assembly required," but let's think about that later.

Mattel even has a cool tool that allows you to see what the house will look like in your house, to scale, with the help of an augmented reality (AR) screen.

The house retails for $199.99 and requires a few batteries for operation. As usual, no dolls are included.

Welcome to the Barbie Dreamhouse, where 360-degree play inspires endless fun! This updated version of the iconic doll house features an open design, premium features and 75+ storytelling pieces.

The first Barbie Dreamhouse debuted in 1962 and it was not this nice. It was a fold-out cardboard studio apartment with a closet, bed, couch, and record player. Times were simpler then, and so was the price tag, at $4.44.

The 1979 Barbie Dreamhouse may be the first one you remember: an A-frame with four rooms and skylights.

Then, throughout the 1990s and 200s, more and more Dreamhouses have been released, slowly getting fancier and fancier — seeing the addition of elevators, pools, spiral staircases, and additional stories.

The last Barbie Dreamhouse was released in 2021.

Sarah Aswell