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Jun 18, 2023

5 bedroom organization ideas for seniors and aging

Sleep soundly in a well-organized bedroom Updated June 7,

Sleep soundly in a well-organized bedroom

Updated June 7, 2023

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People spend one-third of their life in bed, and seniors aging in place likely tip that balance even further later in life. That makes organizing the bedroom for seniors one of the most important—but often overlooked—considerations, say certified professional organizers.

Whether it's for the purpose of working around mobility issues or just getting the sort of restful slumber that comes from eliminating clutter, here are five bedroom-organization ideas shared by a trio of experts.

Using these tactics, older adults and family members alike can gain some much-needed peace of mind. Even though assisted living situations remain a valid solution, making use of products that leverage universal design and facilitate smart organization can be just as effective in some situations.

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The Signature Life mounted pole provides safety and stability when standing and sitting, stepping over bathtub or shower ledges, or getting into bed.

The primary piece of furniture in the room should have a clear path around it and enough room to maneuver from every side, says Massachusetts-based Certified Professional Organizer Wendy Buglio. "You should consider placing the bed in a position that makes it easy to access all sides of the bed for changing sheets and getting into and out of," she says. "Keep the floor clear so that, if you’re up at night, you have safe passage to the bathroom."

Both she and Julie Coraccio, a professional organizer and certified life coach in West Virginia, recommend having an area next to the bed to place a cane or walker. "It should be out of the way, so you don't trip, but still easy to reach," says Coraccio.

Coraccio has also recommends a mounted pole, for some clients to get into and out of bed, or multipurpose bedrails. Those work well for gripping and making sure there are no midnight rolls off the mattress.

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A new, taller bed that's easier to get out of is worth investing in when considering bedroom organization for seniors, says Coraccio, who likes this one with extra storage. She and Anne Lucas, founder of Ducks in a Row organizers in Massachusetts, agree that under-the-bed storage bins can be too tricky for seniors to bend over and reach.

The Rainbow Semi Circle Basket is made of beautiful natural rattan and has a unique, open design perfect for organization.

Eliminating objects seniors can trip on is of utmost importance, say the experts. "If you’re a reader, I like to have a pretty basket to corral all your books. If you have lots of meds (or lotions, lips gloss, etc.), put them on a pretty tray so they don't morph all over your nightstand or dresser," advises Coraccio. Even better, "Can you put things like lotion in the bathroom, or medications in the kitchen?"

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The anti-tip straps have heavy-duty metal cleats, sturdy wall brackets, and metal fasteners and can hold up to 400 lbs.

Creating more permanent storage with easy access at grip height is more of a long-term investment, Coraccio says. Built-in bookcases, often installed by certified aging-in-place specialists or contractors, are open to see what's on them but can also be used for stability since they’re anchored to the wall. Otherwise, anti-tip straps for shelves are a must, Buglio says.

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Buglio also likes anchoring framed photos to the wall (not resting on a surface) to make better use of space—especially digital photo frames that feature a rotation of many images.

For closets, Buglio says simple wall hooks and hooks on the back of a door are very helpful. "That way, clothes don't wind up on chairs or on other surfaces and in the way," she says.

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Yyxlife Double-Sided Carpet Tape is strong and incredibly easy to use.

Eliminating trip hazards, like clothes in the way or throw rugs, is essential, say the experts. "Rugs should be anchored by furniture or secured with double-sided rug tape and/or anti-slip rug pads," says Buglio. "I also like to keep a pair of slippers under the bed with good non-skid soles."

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Coraccio suggests that, for seniors who anticipate remaining in their home for many years, investing in new flooring is a smart remodeling project that can enhance safety. "Consider slip-resistant flooring such as cork, linoleum, or vinyl," she says. "And don't forget the small stuff, like putting cat or dog beds or cat trees away from the bed and against walls, so seniors don't trip."

The LED Smart Motion Sensor Light Plus is magnetic and can stick to any magnetic surface, and it's fully rechargeable through a USB cord.

Motion-activated, floor-level lighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of falls during a midnight trip to the bathroom, says Coraccio,

Buglio recommends this magnetic motion sensor light that can also be used as a flashlight. "It's great for your bedside table or to keep in a bathroom," she says.

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