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May 31, 2023

Best cat toys 2023: Interactive fun for your feline friend

Here kitty kitty espite the reputation cats and kittens have garnered for

Here kitty kitty

espite the reputation cats and kittens have garnered for themselves over the years, our feline friends can be deceptively playful creatures.

Those midnight hyperactivities which often result in the pouncing of a cat on your face while fast asleep do not come from an entirely malicious place, as much as it may feel that way.

That unbelievably inconvenient wake-up call might just be because your kitten hasn't been adequately tired out during the daytime.

Not only a fantastic way to mentally stimulate your cat, engaging kittens with toys from a young age can also help to combat behavioural issues. Though we don't often think of cats as ‘trainable’ in the same way as dogs due to their largely independent nature, you’d be surprised by what you can achieve in terms of maintaining good behaviour with a few interactive and distraction toys.

Providing a vehicle through which your cat can healthily and safely express their feline instincts reduces boredom and helps to lower the risk of anxiety.

Think about the general behaviour of your furry friend, as well as whether they’re an indoor or outdoor cat. Indoor cats might need a little bit more stimulation, as they’re often left to their own devices without any interaction – human to feline, or feline to feline.

That might be why you’ve noticed your sofa has been scratched up, or your skirting boards chewed. Tug and chase toys are a great choice for indoor cats, as well as automated toys like laser pointers.

Likewise, certain kinds of cat nip can mellow out your overactive, hyper cat – though it is important to note that not all cats react the same way. It therefore might be worth trying out a few different cat nip combinations, or cat nip-filled toys.

Tiring out an already high-energy cat with a herbaceous, chamomile-infused toy might just help you sleep better at night – that is, as well as keeping your bedroom door firmly shut.

Keep scrolling for a round-up of the best unique cat toys to keep your pal entertained, no matter what kind of cat they are.

This particular interactive toy has been going viral on TikTok as of late, with popular creators using them to keep their adorable influencer kitties entertained. The water-activated fish change colour when wet, swim in five different directions and dive up to six feet deep.

This pack of two includes one teal and one orange fish, but they’re also available in pink and purple hues. Simply pop them in an extra-large bowl full of water or your plugged kitchen sink and prepare a ‘Gone Fishin’’ sign, because your cat will be kept busy for hours on end.

This moving fish toy is much larger than your little automatic robot fishes, and is touch-activated as opposed to water-activated. Made from cotton and short plush, this ultra soft toy is perfect for cats with chewing, biting, and kicking habits.

Included in your purchase is a small bag of minty catnip, which you can place in the fish's belly simply by unzipping the silky-smooth outer cover. It's also USB chargeable, which means that you won't have to worry about your cat getting a hold of any pesky small batteries.

We’re big fans of this automated chase toy by Hexbug. Using vibration technology, your Hexbug will automatically make its way around your house, trailing a fluffy feather toy behind it for your cat to chase.

Just like a modern robotic hoover, the Hexbug can autonomously navigate around any space, and will change direction independently if it comes into contact with obstacles. The brand recommends avoiding using the Hexbug on thicker carpets, as it might have difficulty moving – flatter surfaces are ideal.

Purchasing a multi-pack of adorable looking cat nip toys is always a fantastic idea. Not only do they tend to lose their potency after a period of time, but they’re often hidden away in corners that only your cat can reach and more or less forgotten about.

If you’re concerned about losing or wasting any of these nine mouse catnip toys, you might want to invest in a fishing rod-style accessory, which you can attach these little mice to for interactive play.

A fantastic way to keep multiple cats physically active, this Pop ‘n’ Play toy uses an internal arm mechanism to randomly push a plush toy mouse through the holes. Not only will it activate your cat's natural feline instincts such as pouncing and preying, but it will also stimulate them mentally.

This toy is designed to fulfil your cats’ natural desires to chase, hunt and capture. It is made with all-natural cork and entices cats in thanks to its added catnip and brightly coloured external feathers. This is another toy option that can be attached to a fishing rod-style accessory, or you can simply throw the toy yourself and directly engage in play.

Designed for the most curious of cats, this interactive puzzle toy will keep them mentally stimulated, happily fed, and is sure to tire them out for the rest of the day. It has also been designed to stimulate a cat's natural foraging instinct and can further be used as a slow feeder for the hungriest kittens. There are a total of 16 hidden treat compartments for your cat to seek out, and has no removable parts for safer play and easy cleaning.

Why exactly cats love chasing lasers – other than their innate predatory nature – we may never truly know. After all, a blazing bright red light doesn't necessarily resemble any animal that we’re aware of. Nevertheless, this highly praised automatic laser pointer is sure to keep your kitty entertained. What's slightly different about this pointer is that it won't just shoot out a boring straight line, but switches between various laser patterns to keep your cat constantly engaged.

If you struggle to match the energy of your crazy cat, this automatic feather chasing toy will keep your cat busy when you simply don't have the time to engage – no judgement here, we understand completely.

You needn't fear leaving this toy on once you’ve left the house and tiring out your kitten too much, as it will automatically shut off for 1.5 hours after 10 minutes of continuous play. The built-in sensor also means that this toy can bump into obstacles and change direction autonomously. Unlike the Hexbug toy, the two powerful motors and grippy wheels work great on tile floor, wood floor and even carpet. Rechargeable and battery free.

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