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Dec 28, 2023

10 Best Cloud Bed Dupes 2023 — Affordable, Plush Cloud Beds

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Promise.

This is what dreams are made of, bb!

Ever wanted to sleep on a cloud? You're in the right place. Plush, white bed frames have been popping off in the design space over the past year thanks to *the* cloud bed, aka the Restoration Hardware Cloud Slipcovered Platform Bed. The sleek, low-profile bed went viral in 2022 (if you haven't seen it, or RH's cloud sofa, on your FYP...you're lying), and for good reason. It boasts a deliciously cushy headboard, oversized goose-feather cushions, and a wide upholstered rail that wraps your mattress up in a big hug. Soon, everyone wanted a cloud bed—and other home brands took notice, rolling out their own versions of the chic platform bed. And many for a fraction of the price of the original, which will set you back about $4k, minimum.

If you've always wanted a cloud bed but don't know which one is right for you, I urge you to keep reading. I've gone into detail on the OG cloud bed as well as 10 dreamy dupes—several of which are hundreds to thousands of dollars more affordable. Take a quick peek here:

No need to pinch yourself, because this is not a dream! Read on and prepare your mattress accordingly.

There she is...the OG in all her glory. I mean, this bed didn't break the internet for no reason. As I mentioned above, it's super plush throughout, is hella comfy whether you're sitting up or lying down, and just looks so. damn. chic. There are also so many colors to choose from, so you know you'll find a shade that matches your bedroom's aesthetic. It's definitely an investment, but there's nothing quite like the real thing, amirite?

If you want the classic white cloud bed look for less, here it is! The Dawson Bed by Castlery comes in at a quarter of the price of the Restoration Hardware cloud bed, and honesty looks pretty damn similar.

Glowing reviews: "The Dawson bed is our personal oasis in NYC. The upholstery is quality and a beautiful ivory that blends perfectly with our neutral and white bedroom. The construction is solid, too. It looks and feels like a designer bed frame that would cost double or triple the price."

"This bed is seriously so sturdy. It is the best dupe for the cloud bed that I have found and at such an incredible price for a king bed!"

I am thrilled to say there are several beds on this list that cost less than $1,000, including this dupe from Wayfair, that sits upon a sleek wood base. With the queen size coming in under $900 and review after glowing review, this baby provides high-quality design without the sticker shock.

Glowing reviews: "AWESOME bed. I’m a designer and super picky. Great quality and look for the price!"

"Love this bed! We got it yesterday and put it together ourselves. Took about two hours. Pretty straightforward, only the pieces are really heavy. Beautiful color combo, and good quality for the money... definitely recommend!!"

Not sure where to store your bulky luggage when you aren't jet-setting across the globe? Or maybe you always have trouble stuffing that puffy winter coat in the back of your closet when the weather warms up? This gorg dupe has both (hidden!) storage and style. Just lift the mattress frame up and you've got storage space for days—trust me, it's way chicer than having miscellaneous Rubbermaid containers sticking out from under your bed (@ me).

Glowing review: "Super happy with this bed! Every piece went together perfectly. The color is spot on and gorgeous. The packaging was impeccable and overall it was super easy to put together. The overall quality is top-notch. The bed easily raises with one hand without struggle, with the mattress, pillows and bedding still on! Has a tremendous amount of storage underneath which cannot be seen. Would highly recommend!"

My cat has made it very clear that my partner and I are merely guests in *her* bed. And although her comfort is a top priority (she literally sleeps on my pillow), I definitely want to make sure my furniture can stand up to her a) shedding and b) tendency to see most objects as scratching posts. This dupe fits the bill, receiving rave reviews for its style and being pet-friendly.

Glowing reviews: "It has truly enhanced my bedroom and feels like a forever piece. Also, for any dog/cat people, I have a black dog who regularly sheds and it is very easy to clean. Highly recommend worth the money!"

"The look/feel is exactly what I wanted out of the bed. As a bonus, the headboard is wide enough for our cat to sleep on 😂 and hasn't showed any scratch marks yet."

You know when you stub your toe on the corner of your bed frame and instantly become filled with rage and expletives? Same. If you have fallen victim to the sleek, angled lines of your furniture but still love a modern look, this dreamy dupe is for you. It has soft, rounded edges, so it's comfy as a cloud and prevents bruised toes!

Glowing review: "I needed a bed that made me want to go to sleep. I have it with this. It just seems inviting and warm. It looks exactly like the photo. It is handsome and cuddly. I love it."

Do you remember that episode of Lizzie McGuire where she wanted a super-expensive pair of jeans from Style Shack, so her mom went bargain shopping and found an equally cool pair for wayyy less? This is that situation in bed form. It's not an exact replica of the RH Cloud Bed (sigh, nothing is), but it's a fraction of the price and ab-so-lute-ly gives the look for less.

Glowing reviews: "So in love with this bed!!! It's durable, modern, and one of my favorite pieces of furniture. The price point cannot be matched for the style and quality."

"The bed was easy to assemble and is very striking in the room. I can see the bed slats around the mattress slightly but that is easily covered with a duvet. The headboard is comfortable to lean against when reading before bed. Would recommend to anyone looking for a stylish and functional bed."

My wildest fantasies consist of having enough money to afford a beautiful brownstone that I furnish exclusively with CB2 pieces. Oh, and sometimes Pedro Pascal is there, too. With that being said, CB2's simplified take on the platform bed trend gets you the look for less. Plus, this sleek design is available in more than 40 customizable upholstery options, including leopard print, if that's your thing!

Glowing review: "I usually wait to review big ticket items and make sure the thing lasts! We've had the facade bed for 6 months and it's been an absolute dream. Bonus: the thick fabric is holding up extremely well with our 4 cats :) Love that the whole frame is upholstered and soft so you're not bonking your head or legs on any sharp corners in the night. The assembly service CB2 provided was also great, just do it, you won't regret!"

This dupe is BYOB: bring your own box spring. That's right, this bb goes right over your current bed sitch, giving it an instant—and surprisingly affordable—update. I'm LOVING the ingenuity (and price point)!

Glowing reviews: "Exactly as described—a wonderfully plush bed for a fraction of the price of a designer frame. Great communication, fast shipping, and a gorgeous product. Definitely recommend!

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I've moved 8 times in the last 24 months and I'm so over lugging heavy furniture and boxes. This literally popped out of the box and was ‘assembled’ in 2 seconds. It's chic, easy, and effortless."

I have a confession to make: I do not own a headboard. I guess this makes me nearly as bad as your latest Hinge hookup (although, I do regularly wash my sheets, so at least I have that going for me). All that is to say that I am 100 percent sold on this cloud bed and its plush, cushioned headboard. It's perfect for lazy day lounging.

Glowing reviews: "This bed looks amazing in our bedroom. The bed barely fits in the room but who cares! What else is the room for. It's super comfy and PERFECT for laying back and watching movies. A+ on the bed and A++ on the customer service we received!"

"This is the most beautiful, luxurious bed EVER. It adds so much coziness to my space and the pillow headboard is so great for reading (or working, lol) in bed. So worth the money… 10/10!"

Did you know that RH's leather cloud bed costs almost $2,000 more than the original? It's gorgeous, but if you don't have that sort of cash to blow, look to this faux leather platform bed from Wayfair. It's not the same, but it is under $1,000. LEATHER CLOUD BED DOOOP.

Glowing review: "Super classic and sleek look. Low to the ground, just how I expected a platform bed to be. It looks modern and elevates my room. The order arrived about a month later than expected, but it was worth the wait."

Smart babes always budget

Sure, all the dupes on this list cost hundreds to thousands of dollars less than RH's cloud bed, but they are still an investment. Consider how much you are willing to pay before you break out your credit card. Many retailers offer monthly payments for big purchases, which hurts a hell of a lot less than dropping all the cash at once. (Just make sure you do your research first, and ensure that you can pay it back.)

Also, I am a big fan of the very mathematical equation "cost per sleep." So, yes, although you may spend a decent chunk of change at once, when you break the cost down per sleep, that $1,500 dream bed runs you less than a dollar per sleep assuming you have it for the next five years. I love being a woman in STEM.

Make sure to measure twice

Because of the low profile and all-around rail that cloud beds have become famous for, you will want to make sure your mattress can properly fit into your new bed frame. Take advantage of customer reviews and get that measuring tape out so you can be certain that your cloud bed will comfortably accommodate your mattress.

Consider the upholstery

Like to drink red wine in bed? Parent to a cat that thinks all surfaces are for scratching? Or maybe like to get a little messy in the bedroom from time to time (*wink wink*)? Then the classic all-white frame might not be the best upholstery option for you, which is totally okay! There are plenty of options that can withstand spills, pets, and day-to-day wear. So, make sure you pick a color and fabric type that will work for your lifestyle.

Build smarter, not harder

Moving furniture is a major pain in the ass. And despite looking uber dreamy, lugging such a large bed frame into a different room (or house) is def gonna test your patience. Make sure you have enough room to build your new cloud bed in a long-term location. If you are looking to avoid the heavy lifting, go with a lightweight option like the one from SoftFrame that slips over your current box spring.

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