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Nov 27, 2023

The Zero and Hazzard Cat Club

Weeknights 7:00PM - Midnight Social Thank you for sharing photos and

Weeknights 7:00PM - Midnight


Thank you for sharing photos and videos to the Zero and Hazzard Cat Club . It never gets old looking at cute cats! Officially now, there are so many waiting in the wings that we have stopped notifying people when we get their kitties up on the site. Please check back to see if you are in the club!

Send your photo and/or video to [email protected]. You can also post to the Cat Club Page on facebook. If you can, please provide your name(s), Cat(s)names, where you hail from and feel free to write a little something if it moves you.

Looking forward to seeing your furry friends and family!

The first 100 Cats who joined the Cat Club can be found HERE.

This is my Moose. He weighs about 20 pounds and is a big mush. He was part of a litter to a stray feral mama. But he is the biggest love.

This is Lucy. She will be 17 August 8th. She loves just chilling out on the back of the sofa and or wants to be on the heating pad when I pull it out for myself. She will even try to nudge me off of it for herself. 🤣 With her age, she doesn't do much but there are times she still will play like a kitten and go zooming around the house with ease. She knows when I am going to have an anxiety attack or when my blood pressure is dropping. She will get right in my face, start meowing, and if needed will put her teeth on a finger or my arm but won't bite down. (Like a love bite...not aggressive) She is my girl. 🥰

Olivia, Emilio, Marty, Raj, Maxine, Chloe and Patty. Some of the ferals saved and living their best lives thanks to Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization Inc.

We've always had Siamese se we decided we wanted two kittens as they will take us to our 70s and we want to be responsible cat owners. We had to drive from Phoenixville to Chincoteague Va to get them. Made a weekend out of it so it was fun. They have the best personalities. Never a dull moment. Bella and Oliver.

He's always watching and hanging out. Never turns down a pat or a treat. He really loves catnip.🤣

This is Freddie..we found him behind a restaurant in Hammonton.Nj.. He loves to play fetch.. we will throw his mouse or even a paper ball.. he retrieves it and brings it back to us.. He does it over and over.. he's like a dog.. ❤️

Our 12 year old orange tabby is named Macroom a/k/a Mr. Macky after our favorite town in Ireland 🇮🇪 He's the best purrrrrrer!!

This is Morgana (aka Mew Mew) our rescue. She is a moody lil Russian Blue we adopted for our son w cat allergies. They are like peas and carrots.

This is Penny she is 11 years old and has been with me since she was a baby. She has a mean side to her so I take advantage of the moments when she wants love 😁 Her other names are Monkey and Chicken 🤣🐒🐓

Little miss PUMPKIN !!! And all her TOES !!!😳 Our most recent adoption 🐈🧡

This little night goblin is Ash. He is a beautiful little trouble maker. He excels at zoomies at 3am, destroying blinds and giving the best head boops ever.

Rare pic of Jeff not causing chaos! He also goes by Jefferson Starship or Deaf Jeff 3000.Much love and cat happiness,Jess from Cochranville, PA

Susan's Sox is 3 years old.

Crooky is 13.

Snuffy is 11.

Hi Jacky BamBam!! Here are my 2 sister kitties! I adopted them at 6 weeks old 4 years ago. I couldn't separate them so we adopted both. They are calicos. The black one is named after Chris Cornell since he is my favorite musician of all time but we call her CC (his initials) and the white one is named Lyric.They are always together like this. So cute!! They melt me!! 🐱🎶 🤘🏻💕

This is our super-sexy current lineup at Caroline's House of Cats: going clockwise from top we have Manny, Mimi, Winnie, Milo, and Nico. The 3M's are all siblings and purebred Scottish Straights who I raised from kittens. They are floofy purring love bugs. Nico was a stray from Delco who's a little crazy and thinks love means biting me or trying to kill me. Winnie is from South Philly and she growls and bitches at all the other cats but loves her humans ❤️RIP to those who have left us: Mojo, Millie, and Champy ❤️

This is my little boy Moby. I rescued him at 10 weeks old while he was dodging traffic on a 3 Lane Highway. Poor thing shook for two days straight. Now he's a bratty teenager.

This is Whiskey. He decided he wanted to live in my apartment instead of his actual owner's next door. The neighbors agreed with his plans, so now he's my best little buddy! 💚

This is Kenga. My ex husband dropped her off for me to babysit while he had work done at his apt and never came back for her 😂! Lol she so funny!

Milo soaking up the sun.

I already submitted a picture of one of my cats(Robin) but here is my heart, Mattie. She will be 19 in September. My sister in law gave her to me as a Christmas present in 2004 and she was the best present I have ever received.-Lisa from Florence NJ

Here is our sweet beautiful Remi! Remi is a Ragdoll cat and she will follow you around like a dog and even wags her tail. She has to be wherever you are at all times! She has 3 best friends, our golden retriever and two indoor free roam rabbits! For me, it is those spectacular blue eyes she has!

Chowder-one of the sweetest most loving cats…big food mooch 😻🤷‍♀️

Our Grey kitty is Stone BoneWe got him to help our white kitty with his separation anxiety. He's hilarious and ornery and all so loving!

And our white Cat is DougieIs a polydactyl kitty and is calm, sweet and aSoft which makes Stone Bone and him the best duo.We would be lost without our guys!

My name is Colleen. Meet Ghostie our blue eyed/cross eyed Siamese mix.We welcomed Ghostie to our home in Bristol Borough 9/16/22. He was rescued in June of 2022 (sickly and weighing in at only 7lbs.) from a colony in Tacony by The Cat Collaborative and then fostered through Second Chances Rescue. (Shout out to his foster Mommy Nicole Legg) As you can see, he's living his best life with us and his brother from another mother, Leo J.

This is my Maxx. He's the only boy of 4 cats. He's our favorite (don't tell the girls). We are lucky to have him still. 2 years ago, he was stung by a bee, and had an anaphylactic reaction. He got really sick, really fast. Thankfully, we still have his adorable, goofy face!Darlene HewittMorrisville, PA

This is my Bagherra. He will be 19 on June 20th.