Target is now selling ‘Pride’ toys and treats for your pets


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Apr 28, 2023

Target is now selling ‘Pride’ toys and treats for your pets

The retail giant Target has come under fire recently for promoting its so-called

The retail giant Target has come under fire recently for promoting its so-called "Pride" collection, which featured, among other things, a "tuck-friendly" bathing suit and clothing designed for young children to support homosexuals celebrating their sexual preferences. The national backlash forced the company to remove some of its "Pride" merchandising. The merchandising rearrangement, however, apparently did not include its pet section. Anyone visiting a Target store and perusing the pet section will notice "Pride" toys and treats for their pets.

One of the first items I noticed was a "Pride" cat scratcher. Yes, you read that correctly. It was a scratch house that was designed like an RV that featured celebratory "Pride" images on the outside. It was simultaneously comical yet disturbing. Radical left-wing marketing executives are genuinely trying to use pets to spread LGBT propaganda.


Is this what "woke" cats use? What do non-woke cats scratch? Do non-woke cats get exiled or scolded by the feline community and called homophobe felines? What is the purpose of such things even existing? What's next, sex changes for pets? A movement for dogs wanting to identify as cats?

Incidentally, I initially went to Target looking for the opposite. After hearing about Target's plan to remove some of the "Pride" merchandise, I returned to the Target in South Philadelphia I visited last week to see if the "tuck-friendly" transgender swimsuit I wrote about had been removed. I noticed it was no longer hanging on the store's dedicated "Pride" display and walked to the pet section to get some treats for my dog. There, I stumbled upon Target's "Pride" display of items for … pets.

As mentioned above, this is part of the indoctrination and brainwashing of society to continue to evolve the so-called "Pride" month and try to make it a regular part of society. There is no correlation between pets and the sexual preferences and identities of their human owners. Little Fido running around, chasing after a "Pride-themed" chew toy, does nothing to help accomplish any social justice causes.

Pets don't care about the orientation of who is feeding and taking care of them. And if you’re that desperate to use pets to tell everyone your sexual orientation — or that you support people of a particular sexual orientation — maybe it is a sign there is no need for such a thing to exist in the first place.

Such propaganda goes beyond just being proud of your sexual orientation. There are no corresponding treats or dog toys showcasing heterosexuality. This whole thing is silly and weird but also indicative of the depths that some radicalized supporters of the LGBT movement will go to try to alter and change cultural norms. They’ll use retail propaganda to manipulate public opinion to accomplish their socio-political objectives. "Pride" dog toys and treats are nothing more than retail indoctrination meant to normalize all aspects of the LGBT movement.


As a company, Target can sell whatever kind of products it wants. However, let's stop pretending it is to make the LGBT crowd feel welcome. It's about reinventing society to normalize even the weirdest and most radical aspects of the LGBT community. It's not about establishing equality. It's about promoting radical cultural superiority. As such, people have a right to resent such promotional material and call for a boycott. Not everyone has to be an enthusiastic supporter of the so-called "Pride" month. People have a right to not support this nonsense and not being a supporter doesn't make anyone a bad person - in any way.