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Jul 21, 2023

Review: Levoit Tower Fan keeps you chill

Stay cool and sleep well this summer We're only at the start of June and the

Stay cool and sleep well this summer

We're only at the start of June and the heat is on. Temperatures in the UK are rising and we could be in for another steamy summer, which means we'll soon see that familiar sight of sweaty people lugging fans back to their home in the midday sun.

Well, you can get ahead of the game by picking up a Levoit Tower Fan in time for when your home really gets baked. It's a striking bit of kit, standing 36 inches high with a premium black and white finish that makes it look like something out of Start Wars!

Levoit is more well-known for its air purifiers, but they've really packed a lot of nifty tech into the fan (available for £79.99 from Amazon) that gives it the edge over similar products in the same space. Its smart sensing technology and various cooling modes really come into their own when you're trying to sleep in the stifling heat.

First off. let's start with power. You can get a maximum fan speed of up to 25 feet per second, which pretty much means it can chill out even a room, especially when you switch on the 90° oscillation mode that provides coverage of up to 23ft.. Set it to automatic and the fan will automatically adjust its speed depending on the temperature.

The fan has five varying fan speeds that you can choose on the device itself or by using the included remote. Of these modes., it's the advanced sleep option that is the most noteworthy. Designed to minimise disturbance while in use at night, the option turns off all display lights and can also intelligently adjust the fan speed based on the stages of the person's sleep - making it more eco-friendly than leaving a typical fan blasting overnight.

It's also dead easy to maintain. The washable back cover and wind wheel can easily be removed so that the inside of the fan can be wiped down. With a quick setup and no tools required, the base pieces can simply be snapped together, and it can be used immediately. And despite its size, I found the fan to be a lot more mobile when compared to the heavy duty fan we normally use in the house.

All in all the fan is a great choice for keeping cool this summer. The sleep function works brilliantly and is probably worth the price of admission on its own.