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Dec 27, 2023

CleanTechnica Tested: TESCAMP Mattress, Y Not Sleep In Your Tesla?

By Published TESCAMP mattress, sheet, and privacy curtain in my daughter’s dirty



TESCAMP mattress, sheet, and privacy curtain in my daughter's dirty Tesla Model Y. (I should have spent 10 seconds to flatten the sheet before I took this picture.)

A week ago, I was contacted by a company called TESCAMP. They wondered if I would like to try out their mattress for the Model Y for free. In exchange, I agreed to write an honest review on this site. Since I had slept in my electric cars a bunch of times over the last 12 years, I jumped at the chance to review their product. I had looked at the Dreamcase a few years ago, but at over $800 with sheets, shipping, and tax, I didn't think I would get enough use out of it to justify the purchase. TESCAMP makes a similar quality product available for less than $250, including sheets and shipping (prices subject to change). Note: If you use this link, I get a small commission that I will be donating a portion of to to further its mission. You can also use the discount code "Paul" for 5% off.

Paul Fosse using TESCAMP.

Before I got my first electric car in 2011 (a 2012 Nissan Leaf), I never slept in my car (except in the passenger seat while my wife was driving). It was either too cold or too hot if you didn't leave the car running, and I was always afraid of the exhaust fumes (although, it should be okay if you don't have a leak). That changed when I got electric vehicles. Here are some of the situations that I have at least considered sleeping in my car:

The quality of of the materials is very good. I loved that it only took me 90 seconds to set up my mattress and put the sheet on! Plus a minute to take out the baby seat I had installed in the back seat. Packing it up was equally fast at 90 seconds.

It took me a little more time to get the privacy curtains installed. I had to watch the video a couple of times since I got confused, so it took about 10 minutes. Taking them off was 2 minutes, but I had to leave them out to dry in the garage for bit since it had rained while I was camping and some of the curtains are outside and get wet.

TESCAMP privacy curtains from outside.

TESCAMP privacy curtains from inside.

I didn't have the time to do a full camping trip this week, so I set up outside my daughter's house in Colorado. At about 8pm, I headed out with my pillows and water. I watched a movie on Netflix, enjoying it on my iPhone but connected to the great Tesla amplifier and speaker system through Bluetooth. Then I slept for a little over 6 hours (that is a normal amount for me). I slept well, but did run into two minor issues.

I’m 230 pounds (just over a 100 kilos) and 6 feet 2 inches tall. I sleep on my side and back. When trying to sleep on my back, the bed is a little short. I can make it work by sleeping diagonally, but that wouldn't work if my wife was in the car with me. The other thing I could have done is move the two front seats 6 inches forward and put something in the gap. I just slept on my side instead — in that position, my legs are bent and length isn't an issue. If I was a couple inches shorter, this would be no issue.

The second issue is while sleeping on my side, I could slightly feel the car with my hip. This is because I am so heavy that I almost compress the foam completely. It didn't bother me enough to upset my sleep or make me sore in the morning, but I did notice it.

I appreciated the privacy curtains, which give you a sense of security. If you already have heavily tinted windows, they’re unnecessary, since you can just buy a sunshade for the windshield and be covered for less money and time.

I will definitely be using this again in the situations mentioned in the beginning of the article. For some locations, I will put up the privacy curtains, but in many places and for just a short nap, I will just roll out the mattress. If you would like to try a mattress or the privacy curtains for 30 days, they have a generous return policy that even includes return shipping.

If you want to take advantage of my Tesla referral link to get Reward Credits, here's the code: — but as I have said before, if another owner helped you more, please use their link instead of mine. If you want to learn more about Tesla's new referral program, Chris Boylan has written an excellent article on it.

Disclosure: I am a shareholder in Tesla [TSLA], BYD [BYDDY], Nio [NIO], XPeng [XPEV], Hertz [HTZ], and several ARK ETFs. But I offer no investment advice of any sort here.

I have been a software engineer for over 30 years, first developing EDI software, then developing data warehouse systems. Along the way, I've also had the chance to help start a software consulting firm and do portfolio management. In 2010, I took an interest in electric cars because gas was getting expensive. In 2015, I started reading CleanTechnica and took an interest in solar, mainly because it was a threat to my oil and gas investments. Follow me on Twitter @atj721 Tesla investor. Tesla referral code:

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